Associations, organizations, dignitaries, and elected officials overwhelmingly unite to support the immediate reunification of Bodnariu Family

Subsequent to the impudent abduction and forced separation of all 5 (five) children born to Marius & Ruth Bodnariu, numerous associations, organizations, dignitaries and elected officials have publicly expressed their support of the reunification of Bodnariu family.

The below listed united front demonstrates serious concerns of human rights violations and denounces the reprehensible encroachment of Norwegian authorities upon the family rights of Marius & Ruth Bodnariu.

Religious organizations and associations

* “Alfa Omega TV” Christian Romanian Television of Romania
* “Alianta Evanghelica din Romania” (Alliance of Evangelical of Romania)
* “Alianta Familiilor din Romania” (Alliance of Families of Romania)
* “Biserica lui Dumnezeu Apostolica – Cultul Penticostal din Romania” (The Apostolic Church of God – Pentecostal Cult of Romania, the largest and fastest growing evangelical association in Europe)
* “CREDO TV” – Christian Romanian International Television
* “Radio Vocea Evangheliei” (Voice of the Gospel Radio)
* “Uniunea Bisericilor Adventiste din Romania” (Union of Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Romania)
* “Uniunea Bisericilor Baptiste din Romania” (Union of Baptist Churches in Romania)
* “Uniunea Bisericilor Crestine dupa Evanghelie din Romania” (Union of Christian Gospel Churches in Romania)

Dignitaries and elected officials

* Senator Titus Corlatean – Foreign Affairs Commision and former Foreign Affairs Minister
* Senator Ben-Oni Ardelean – Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Commision of the Romanian Senate
* Deputy Mircea Lubanovici – Member of the Romanian Parliament, President of the Romanian Parliament’s Commission for Romanian communities outside of Romania, Member of the Parliament’s Commision for human rights, cults and problems of national minorities, Member of the Parliament’s Commission for European Affairs
* Avocatul Poporului din Romania (Romanian Attorney General)

* 102 Members of the Romanian Parliament, Senators and Deputies, co-signers of a letter asking the Romanian Prime Minister to take immediate action for the reunification of Bodnariu family in an unprecedented public gesture of cross-party solidarity in the Romanian Parliament

Press Coverage in Romania

The Bodnariu case has been making headlines in the Romanian media since mid-December 2015, including significant airtime on leading national television stations and networks (i.e. Alfa Omega TV, Antena3, B1 TV, ProTV, RTV1, and NTV), and front page coverage in news agencies reports and national newspapers (i.e. Adevarul, Agerpress, Curentul, Dilema Zilei, Evenimentul Zilei, Gandul, Mediafax, and Romanian Global News).