The protesters’ message from Brisbane was loud and clear!

The protesters’ message from Brisbane was loud and clear!

A dedicated contingent consisting of about 250 people were determined to have their say, despite the torrential rain unleashed even as we were traveling to the protest meeting place. The showers continued intermittently, but did not manage to dampen our determination to show our firm support for the broken Norwegian families and in particular the Bodnariu family that had their children abducted by Barnevernet.

We are convinced that the articulate, inspirational and eloquent speeches delivered on the day were in perfect resonance with the feelings of all protesters worldwide. We have expressed in no uncertain terms our outrage against the inhumane practices imposed upon Norwegian families, and particularly those of immigrants and religious minorities.

The consecutive speakers exposed and condemned the corruption of the overzealous Barnevernet officials, whose interpretation and application of the already family unfriendly laws have recently taken them to unprecedented and unparalleled extremes in the civilized world during the last decades. We raised awareness regarding the trauma and suffering of both parents and children who were wrongfully separated from one another under the pretext that such action would be in the best interests of children.

We denounced the tremendously flawed policies and methods used by the Norwegian authorities during their investigations of child abuse cases, and the total absence of an independent governing authority to monitor the so-called “Child Protection Service” Barnevernet.

Finally, we made emotional pleas demanding the immediate return of all children separated from their loving families against the will of both children and parents. We believe that in accordance with God’s will and in the same spirit, people of good will from all nations, not just of Romanian background, can join forces to promote the right of children to be protected from all forms of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, regardless of who and under what disguise these abuses are perpetrated.

We wish to express our appreciation and sincere thanks to all participants attending this demonstration.

May the Lord bless you and reward you abundantly for your enthusiasm and the effort invested in this activity!

On behalf of the organizing team:

Alex Roman