Peaceful demonstration in Washington D.C. – Friday, January 8, 2016

Hundreds of Romanian-Americans will have a peaceful demonstration in Washington DC denouncing the abuses perpetrated by Norway’s BARNEVERNET; impudently abducting all 5 children born to Marius & Ruth Bodnariu

On Friday – January 8, 2016, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Royal Embassy of Norway in Washington D.C.
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington
2720 34th Street NW, Washington, DC 20008

Romanian-Americans are outraged at the news and reports of events that unfolded in Norway in the last two months in the Bodnariu family’s case of confiscation of all their 5 children by Norway’s Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Protection Services). As such, hundreds of Romanian-Americans from across United States will demonstrate peacefully to show solidarity with the Bodnariu Family who lost custody of all their children through a process that is against international laws and conventions. The demonstrators will voice opposition to Norway’s Barnevernet and its inhumane Nazi-like tactics.

Marius Bodnariu, father of the 5 children (a Romanian citizen living in Norway married to Ruth – a Norwegian), has most of his family living in United States as naturalized U.S. citizens: both his parents living in the Atlanta-Georgia area together with a married sister, two other married sisters living in the Chicago-Illinois metropolitan area, and another married sister living in the Portland-Oregon area.

Hundreds of Romanian-Americans (community and religious leaders, businessmen and civic leaders) have informed the organizers of their participation to this peaceful protest taking place in Washington DC. They will be coming from metropolitan areas of: Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Cleveland (Ohio), Dallas (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Detroit (Michigan), Houston (Texas), Los Angeles (California), Miami (Florida), Nashville (Tennessee), New York (New York), Phoenix (Arizona), Portland (Oregon), Reading (Pennsylvania), Sacramento (California), Seattle (Washington), Springfield (Missouri), Union (Missouri), Washington (District of Columbia).

On November 19, 2015 Romanian-American pastor Cristian Ionescu of Chicago launched an online petition in support of the reunification of the Bodnariu family at:

Within less than 48 hours this petition gathered over 10,000 signatures. Within less than two weeks it gathered over 25,000 signatures. This petition continues to get attention and signers, at this time having surpassed 46,000 signatures.

OTHER SIMILAR DEMONSTRATIONS have taken place while many more are scheduled to take place in front of Royal Norwegian embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions in Europe, Canada, and the United States:

– Bucharest, Romania – on December 19, 2015
– Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – on December 19, 2016
– Madrid, Spain – on December 26, 2015
– Oslo, Norway – on January 5, 2016
– London, Great Britain – on January 8, 2016
– Dublin, Ireland – on January 8, 2016
– Bucharest, Romania – on January 9, 2016
– Brussels, Belgium – on January 9, 2016
– Frankfurt, Germany – on January 9, 2016
– Ottawa, Canada – on January 9, 2016
– Rome, Italy – January 9, 2016
– Madrid, Spain – on January 10, 2016
– Prague, Czech Republic – on January 16, 2016
– Riga, Latvia – on January 16, 2016
– Moscow, Russia – on January 16, 2016
– Bratislava, Slovakia – on January 23, 2016
– Warsaw, Poland – on January 30, 2016

– More applications for permits are pending for approval by their respective authorities.

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