Norway, return the children to Bodnariu family!


We stand united in protest, and in solidarity of support, for Norway’s return of ALL of the five (5) Bodnariu children to their parents Marius & Ruth Bodnariu.

We are very aware of the egregious, and unchecked, encroachment of Norwegian authorities in the confiscation of these children, ages ranging from three (3) months old to nine (9) years old, from their parents in November 2015.

We harbor feelings of friendship and admiration for the people of Norway, in connection of our common Christian faith, and pray that the Kingdom of Norway understands and sympathizes with our peaceful protest.  We implore you, and appeal to you, for Norwegian authorities to reunite Marius & Ruth Bodnariu with all of their five (5) children and to cease the revocation of Marius & Ruth’s parental rights.