Marius Bodnariu met his boys for the first time in nearly three months

Yesterday was a very important day for Marius and Ruth. After almost three months, for the first time, Marius was able to see the boys, Matei and Ioan. Until now, only Ruth had permission to see them once a week for two hours. It was emotional: two hours that Marius anticipated and waited for impatiently, considering that after promising that they will be able to see the boys last week, Barnevernet delayed the visit for one week on the excuse that they were not able to prepare all details for the reunion.

Ruth was filled with joy to see how happy the boys were to see Marius. Marius was happy to see the children’s joy, but also for Ruth who almost fell into depression last week when the visit was cancelled and delayed.

Both boys were overjoyed to see “papa”. They ate hot-dogs (their wish expressed during the last visit with Ruth) and while they ate, Ioan said: “I love…” Ruth asked “You like the food?” but he answered “I love papa!”

Matei told the parents about a dream he had, a dream in which they were together again. Marius asked him if all of them were together in the dream, to which Matei answered: “Yes, they were together, Eliana, Naomi, Ioan, Ezechiel, mama, papa and himself, Matei!”

May the Lord work to bring that day sooner! We await it so much, and even more, Marius, Ruth and the children!

One thing is clear: the children miss and love the parents! God protects their fragile minds, even in dreams at night He comforts and encourages them!

The joy of this reunion was dampened by a few issues that deeply concerned the parents. For now, for objective reasons, we will not disclose them, but we ask that you join us in prayer that God will protect the children psychologically and physically, for only He can do it!

Marius and Ruth are grateful for your love and continued support!

Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Spokesman

The team for organization and initiative: Pastor Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman, extendend Bodnariu family