Serious reasons for concern

"Rugaciune pentru familia Bodnariu" - Liviu Mocan
“Rugaciune pentru familia Bodnariu” – Liviu Mocan


In the last public statement, describing the first visit in almost three months when Marius could finally see the boys, we mentioned that the joy of the parents was dampened by some issues which at that time we chose not to make public yet. Matei had a very bad scratch on his back and bruises, while Ioan had bruises on his face. When questioned by the parents for details, Barnevernet representatives didn’t give many explanations, downplaying these aspects. Their explanations were that of his own fault, Matei fell on his back, while Ioan tripped and hit his face on the stairs.

We ask ourselves, if the children had these bruises on them at the time when they were taken into custody, would Marius be a free man today? Would Barnevernet have accepted such explanations from the parents? We are entitled to ask if these children are safer now than at home, with their parents, and how much they are taken care of where they are? And if these things just happen, why is Barnevernet no longer so worried about their well being? Why weren’t they alerted to the situation? Or, maybe nobody oversees them, so they feel like doing as they please?

Matei said that the lady caring for him laughed at his little Christian song “My little boat” – his favorite song – and said that it is foolish. So Matei asked his mom if indeed it is foolish. Later, Matei also told Marius that “mami” is greater. When asked to explain, he said that because she has long hair and is giving birth to children she is greater – is this feminist indoctrination!?

On February 10th, the parents were able to talk for less than ten minutes each to both girls. They found out that Naomi wants to shave her head so she could wear a whig, and Eliana wants earrings. It appears that Barnevernet trays to provoke parents at all cost. Marius answer was very measured, that they will talk about these things when they are home together. 

It is more and more clear that Barnevernet does not look for the superior interest of the child, but operates to systematically diminish the authority of the parents, especially that of the father. The destruction of the family traditional values, breaking the ties between children and parents, this is the mission and existential scope of Barnevernet! Yes, the children love their parents and want to be reunited, but the malefic forces of this institution are relentlessly attacking the most sacred principles of family and human rights.

We hereby vehemently protest and ask the Norwegian authorities to intervene and put an end to these abuses of Barnevernet, take the appropriate measures so that the five children will be brought back into the family, where they are loved and safe! We ask all the international forums and organizations to approach the Norwegian government in support of the Bodnariu family to reunite them with their children!

Hopefully soon, as the evidence will show, it will be proven that the Bodnariu case is one of religious persecution and discrimination, with no regard for freedom of conscience, particularly, the right of the parents to raise their children according to their religious beliefs, as stipulated in the European Convention for Human Rights. Such abuses are unacceptable in a democratic society.

Brothers and sisters everywhere, let’s pray and fast that the Lord may protect Marius, Ruth, Eliana, Naomi, Matei, Ioan and Ezechiel, and that the Lord may bring the victory!

Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Spokesman

The team for organization and initiative: Pastor Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman, familia extinsă Bodnariu