Finally, norwegian media covers Bodnariu vs Barnevernet in detail


This is the title of the front page story that spans 15 pages in Bergens Tidende, one of the largest Norwegian newspapers. The article is also available by subscription online and hundreds of thousands of Norwegians are subscribed.

Delight in Truth read the coverage, and while it is not overly friendly to the Bodnariu family whose 5 kids were confiscated by CPS (Barnevernet), it attempts to maintain an objective tone with representation from multiple sides in the saga.

Reporters were present on scene at large demonstrations in Romania. Interviews were taken with demonstrators, Ioan Brie (pastor and dean of Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest), Senator Titus Corlatean, and Norwegian officials in the local Barnevernet. It gives an accurate portrayal of the demonstrators’ concerns.

“I do not get it. I can not imagine anything worse than losing my children,” says one demonstrator.

The article covers key aspects of the case in favor of Bodnariu family

The children were removed without investigation and without warning (a hint of violation of due process without actually mentioning due process)

Children are separated in three homes across counties and unable to see each other

The children were spanked only lightly by padding on the bottom or pulling of the ear, and article mentions that they were not injured

The parents interview at Antena 3 TV program, along with the outrage of the discussion panel was presented

The Social Media presence to support Bodnariu is also discussed (FB groups, blogs, etc)

Romanian Parliamentary delegation to Norway was highlighted

The article also injects the Barnevernet side of things

County Governor Anne Karin Hamre: “There has been a misconception that this is about religion, but we have stressed that religion is never the cause.”

“County Governor has considered instituting supervision [of the local CPS] by the municipality on the basis of this case and concluded that it was not necessary.”

It covers the breach of privacy of Barnevernet employees by activists who published their pictures and contact information

There is also this

“Parents are initially charged with violence against all five children, but the charge may be changed, says Kleiven. After that BT know both parents have recognized the use of mild violence as part of their upbringing to some of the older children, but none of the youngest. The investigation is almost finished. The case will be sent to the public prosecutor in a short time. There is good correlation between what children have told and what the parents have acknowledged, says Kleiven.

What kind of violence are we talking about? I will not go into while the case is being investigated, but it is not a case of physical injury to children, says Kleiven.”

It is interesting to see what is happening at the local municipality who confiscated the children. According to Councilman Øyvind Bang-Olsen in Naustdal the international response has been overwhelming

“It has taken our breath away. We have never experienced so much pressure, it rang and rang. Hundreds phone [calls].” he said.

The above picture is a large pile of paper mail they have received in support of the Bodnarius.

The Romanian Evangelical movement throughout the world has united like never before and responded with tons of emails, traditional mail, and phone calls in addition to protests. It led to this unprecedented coverage and exposure in the mainstream media, even though it took 2 months.

This is a positive development.

The population of Norway is slowly becoming aware of the overreaching response of Barnevernet. We must press on to make them aware of human rights violations inside this governmental agency.