The Bodnariu family, together again, for only three hours

Official statement – The Bodnariu family, together again, for only three hours

For Marius and Ruth Bodnariu’s family, the last few days were difficult, as they continue to be unjustly separated from their five children.

On February 16th, there had been three months since the fatidic day of November 16th, when Barnevernet decided to destroy this family, without due process or previous warning, confiscating their children and placing them in three foster families, in two different cities, at great distances from home, all this nightmare because of radical Christianity and religious indoctrination!

February 16th though, was also an important day, a day of joy as well as sadness and sorrow. It was joyous because for the first time in three months, Marius and Ruth were together with all five children at the same time, in the same place. It was such a happy reunion, for everybody had so much to say: Naomi couldn’t stop talking; Ioan, the two years old boy had learned a few more words and had a lot to say also. Baby Ezekiel was happier than ever. Naomi was determined to point – as Ekliana had done in a previous visit – to the surrogate mother that she is the one who kidnapped them!

They talked, they played and then, they sat at the table to eat, but only after they prayed and sang a little prayer-song they used to sing before eating. This time though, Matei said that he forgot the song.

Amongst other things, Marius told them that he cooked the rooster and made soup. Eliana was relieved, because she wouldn’t have to repeatedly say to Barnevernet that she fears the rooster. Who would press her to say that she fears the rooster?! When would they stop all these manipulations and lies by which Barnevernet tries to destroy this family, planting in the gentle minds of these children another image replacing their happy life in their blessed home before November 16th, 2015?!

Naomi said something worrisome to the parents, that she doesn’t want them to die so soon, because she still has many things to learn from them. Who would put such things in the minds of children?! Where is the superior interest of the children when terrorizing them with the thought that their parents would die?! The day was a mixture of joy and sorrow, for after three hours had passed, they had to part again. The children cannot understand why they can’t stay with their parents but, instead, have to go to strangers…

The parents are preparing for the court trial, in which they are contesting the decision to take away their children, and at the same time they are getting ready for the administrative hearing at which Barnevernet wants to take away their parental rights, for not admitting to their false accusations. For this process, it is essential that an authorized psychologist is involved, who’s evaluation and conclusions are determinative in the final decision by the regional court.

Barnevernet wants to impose their psychologist and it is evident why: being paid by Barnevernet, it is assumed to be unfavorable to the parents. Even though the parents have the right to any authorized psychologist of their choosing, the prosecutor denied their first proposal. Interesting?! The same prosecutor is to busy to attend a court hearing before the end of May and Barnevernet thinks this is in the superior interest of the baby…

We don’t understand this prosecutor, a man with prior troubles with the law, having more say than the defense lawyers, the parents and even the law.

It is more clear by the day that in spite of their official smiles and the assurances that they are looking for the good of the family and the superior interest of the child, Barnevernet’s goal is to permanently keep the children, as it already happened with the Nan family. They never looked to help the family – if, let’s say there was a problem – because what they want is to take away the children, regardless of their wish, this is the superior interest of Barnevernet!

We would like to thank everyone for fasting and prayers! May God bless and reward all those participating at protests! We are grateful to those that were generous with the family! Our words cannot fully express our gratitude!

We now prepare for the great day of international pro Bodnariu, anti Barnevernet protest on April 16th! We will not give up! With God we will prevail!

Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Spokesman

The team for organization and initiative: Pastor Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman, extended Bodnariu family