Official statement: Awaiting the court’s verdict

Comunicat oficial / Official statement: În așteptarea deciziei tribunalului / Awaiting the court's verdict (bilingual)Official statement: Awaiting the court’s verdict 

Dearly beloved,

We are at the end of the Court procedures that took place on March 14 and 15.
We are grateful to all of you for fasting and praying and for your support!

We await the decision of the Court with the knowledge that we’ve done everything humanly possible, understanding that all things are in God’s hands and trusting His good plans for our lives!

We continue to pray and fast as scheduled for 40 days before April 16! We also continue the mailing campaign, writing to public institutions as well as to dignitaries in local and state leadership positions, all over the world.

We will post an official statement as soon as we will have a decision from the Court! We ask all media channels to show restraint, ethics and professionalism, patiently awaiting the resolution.
As we are close to the holidays, it is possible that a decision will not be made until the first week of April.

Thank you for understanding!
Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Spokesman
Coordinating team: Pastor Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman, the extended Bodnariu family