„Global Letters Campaign” (for Churches)

“Global Letters Campaign in March and April” 

Involvement at Churches level

For Churches in North America, Australia, Europe and not only, 

We would like to thank you for the support you have given in light of constant fasting and prayer, through protests and official steps, over the course of the last couple of months. We know the availability and desire that you have shown in wanting to help us, and so we invite you to participate in this next operation throughout the months of March and April entitled, Operation “Global Letters”. 

The goal of this operation is to send letters to Norwegian institutes, international forums, National Parliaments, International News Agencies, through which we will solicit involvement towards a positive solution in the Bodnariu case, and to stopping the abuses of the Barnevernet. The protests from the past months took place in 24 different countries, 56 cities, and involved 70,000 protestors. It resulted in attracting the attention of Norwegian authorities, alongside other international organizations as well. Therefore, we consider this an opportunity to amplify and sustain the support for the Bodnariu case, while at the same time denouncing the abuses of Barnevernet.  


1. Letters, Postal Addresses, Detailed Instructions 

With confirmation of your Church involvement, we will provide you with a package containing the following: country-specific letter in English , a more substantial mailing address database and detailed instructions for preparing letters, methods of expediting them, to ensure this operation is done in a timely and professional manner. 

2. Coordination

We recommend that your local church delegates a coordinator who will assume responsibilities; will collaborate closely with the pastor of the church, and has the skills necessary to organize this project efficiently. We also see this as a great opportunity to involve the youth in the church, to put into practice their enthusiasm, abilities and calling. 

3. Communication

In order to communicate, collaborate, and to prevent any problems or issues from arriving during this project, please send all your requests to bodnariu.family@gmail.com This email will be used by the team coordinator only. 

4. Examples

The involvement of your Church in this operation assures us that our goal will make a major impact, offering us the possibility to manage a large number of letters being sent to the institutes mentioned above. We were encouraged by the initiative taken by Elim Church in Vienna, which has already prepared and sent 4200 letters to several institutes. The letters have been handed to the congregation which have then personally mailed the letters. We have to mention this initiative was immediately followed by all the Romanian Evanghelical churches in Austria. We also want to mention the initiative from Betel Church in Dublin, who provided wonderful handwritten Christmas greeting cards this holiday season. We are sure that other Churches will agree to extend and be involved with this operation, and so we encourage them to continue with this type of format.  


















In conclusion, we want to reiterate the appreciation and thankfulness we have for the help given, and for the fact that you will continue to be involved with projects like this. With the help of The Lord we hope this project will help restore the Marius and Ruth Bodnariu family with their five children. God Bless You!