Bodnariu case – Finally home, REUNITED!

Bodnariu case - Finally home, REUNITED!

Bodnariu case – Finally home, REUNITED!

Praise be to God who answered the prayers and appeals for the reunification of Marius & Ruth Bodnariu with their children, the Bodnariu family!  We thank Him for having mercy on these parents and children as today, after 210 days, this family is once again together at home!

We, along with Marius, Ruth, Eliana, Naomi, Matei, Ioan, and Ezekiel, thank God for this long awaited reunion day.

We are grateful to all of you who stood alongside Marius, Ruth, the Bodnariu children, and the extended Bodnariu family throughout these long, tumultuous, and trying months!

We would like to make special mention of the late Cristi Țepeș who was the first person on site with the Bodnariu family and eloquently memorialized the Bodnariu family’s hardship but left this world before completing his work.  While Cristi Țepes isn’t able to join us in these celebrations, he now rejoices in the presence of the Lord.  May God comfort and abundantly bless Cristi Țepeș’ grieving family!

For obvious reasons, the sharing of Bodnariu family news and pictures will be limited going forward.  We appreciate everybody’s understanding, especially that of the press!

The Bodnariu family, an absolute must for parents as well as the children, needs undisturbed peace and complete privacy as they work to recover and rebuild their lives. We trust God will heal this family’s hearts and the deep wounds inflicted on their souls.

We continue to pray for the Bodnariu family and, again, we thank God for this day!

Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Spokesman

Coordinating team: Pastor Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman, the extended Bodnariu family