38 families co-sign an appeal for international attention

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EU Parliament Building

There are 38 families that have co-signed an appeal for international attention from the leaders of the European Union to the abuses perpetrated by Norway’s Barnevernet and intervention in their respective cases of abduction of their children in Norway.

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Dear Mr President of the European Commission,
Dear Mr President of the European Parliament,
Dear Members of the European Parliament,

Our utter desperation forced us to address you by this letter. It forced us to write you about the reality of unspeakable abuse of power being committed by a supposedly advanced country even as we speak. The country in question is Kingdom of Norway.

We are addressing you, because Norway is systematically acting in breach of its legal obligations also against European citizens and their families, causing them great harm. The fact that Norway is not an EU Member State cannot be seen as an excuse this time; quite opposite. It should be the reason for the Community institutions to step in and defend their citizens.

We, the undersigned, have one thing in common in particular; we have painfully experienced, that for reasons beyond our understanding, our children were taken away by force. They took away the children we love and that have not suffered under any bad or illegal conditions from us. Maybe it does sound incredible, and indeed, the fact that it does, makes our fight much harder. Anyway it is important for you to know that Norwegian authorities, especially Barnevernet, the Child Protection Services, systematically abuse human rights, as well as children’s best interests.

Children here are being, literally, ripped out of their parents’ hands. Both social workers and the police are ruthless; crying and screaming children, begging for a chance to stay with their families, pose no obstacle to them whatsoever. They constantly prove that they are about to have it their way, no matter what.

Usually it all begins with a groundless accusation, upon which, following a preliminary injunction, children are being taken away from their shocked parents. The parents then cooperate with the authorities and comply; all in hope that their beloved ones will be returned to them one day. The parents, as instructed by Barnevernet, remain silent. They do not fight the system; they do not go to press with their stories and patiently wait for the next meeting with their children, which is scheduled only for couple of hours few times a year, under heavy surveillance by both police and Barnevernet, far too often.

They treat us as murderers despite the fact that they have no evidence of any mistreatment. They have no evidence of anything illegal being done to our children. Our lives’ fates are decided by the so-called “fylkesnemnda”, a court-like commission for family matters that rules on how often we can see our children, whether we can see them at all and whether our children are going to be forcibly adopted.

These commissions are like a train that cannot be stopped. They are able to falsify documents and expert reports – we have hard evidence for that that will be available made available to you. Some of us succeeded in getting our children back, though under rather strange circumstances. There was no intention to compensate us for the painful intervention we have been through, nor was there any kind of apology or explanation on why did it happen.

It is our great wish that the European Parliament would step into this matter, and, by doing so, will help us to get our children back.

Hereby undersigned parents, whose families suffered from the hands of the Norwegian social services:

  1. Irina Bergseth – Misha 8 years – cannot see her son never (Russia)
  2. Eva Michaláková – Denis 10years, David 7 years – cannot see her two sons never (Czech Republic)
  3. Abdul Al Shereefi and Abdul Wahid Suaad – boy was taken in 9 month and girl in two years , meetings 4 hours in year (Iraq)
  4. Daiva Julia and Bjørn Edmund Vinje – son, 4 hours in year with warning from Barnevernet to reduce from 4 to 2 hours (Lithuania)
  5. Sara Mouhajid and Andrej Ladický – Maxine, 8months old, 2 hours in 14 days (Norway, Slovakia)
  6. Kek Joar Olsen and Vibeke Morrissey – Aira , 10months old, 4 times a year 1 hour each time (Norway)
  7. Aiste Ramoskiene  – son 6 hours in year (Lithuania)
  8. Grazina Leskiene – never more (Lithuania)
  9. Daniele Alves Lopes – two children, 4 hours in year (Brazil)
  10. Halil and Sultan Kiris – 3 children are back (Turkey)
  11. Mansur Mahashev – his two girls are back (Russia)
  12. Sagarika Chakraborty – two children are back with mother (India)
  13. Virgie Dalia Beckstrom and Dag Henning – two daughters, meeting 4 hours in year (Philiphines, Norway)
  14. Stine Gulbrandsen – two daughters, 4 hours in year, (Norway)
  15. Marilene Lima  – three daughters, 4 hours in year (Brasil)
  16. Helena Rybka and Arkadiusz Rybka – have their daughter back and living in Polland
  17. Amy Jacobsen Bjornevag – son, taken in 18 months, never can see him (USA)
  18. Vibeke Vedvik – four children in self care, two in foster care, meetings 4 time in year (Norway)
  19. Cassandra & Dan Hernehult – one son they have back and other smolest two sons can meet 6 times per year(Sweden, Romania)
  20. Maricel and Kyrre Wiik – daughter is 2 years and 8 months, 1 year 6 months, meeting 4 hours in year(Philiphines, Norway)
  21. Alexandra Hasselstrom – girl 10 years, boys 9and 5 years old are separated in 3 fosterhomes, meetings with boys 2times in a year and the girl 4 times in a year under supervision by barnevernet (Sweden)
  22. ChristineMarieFuruhaugKjeksrud – two children cannot see never, one – 8times in year (Norway)
  23. Ija Nilsen – daughters 7 years and  6, meeting 6 times in year fo 6 hours(Norway)
  24. Liv Marit Bakke – sons 6 years and 9 years, meeting 4 hours in year(Norway)
  25. Jeanne Mari Waage -Nina Skjeie and Lars Thode – girl 15year emergency home, boy 10 years without resolution but were moved. Currently not BV received overall visitation. (Norway)
  26. Monicha Nyhuus Aas – family has been persecuted by bv in 5 generations(Norway)
  27. Marianne Høvik Walle – mother of girl 14 years. Staying with Dad In exsil. No contact (Norway)
  28. Inga Rakitskyte – followed and preyed upon by barnevernet for two years. (Lithuania)
  29. Anne-Marte Hansen Bingslien – two girls One of 4 years. One of 7 years. Has togetherness 6 times a year. Least two hours. And oldest three hours at a time Norway)
  30. Sigrun Grønås – son 12 years. Visitation 6 hours x 6 times per year. Isolated in foster homes since February- 2015.(Norway)
  31. Christine Marie Furuhaug Kjeksrud – daughter,15 years are not allowed to see her. Son,10 years are not allowed to see him. Ida 6 years 8 times a year.(Norway)
  32. Jannicke Hansen – son,  4 visits a year 2 for 2 hours(Norway)
  33. Vibecke Paulsen a victim of Barnevernet i have hired lawyers and waited 3 years (Norway)
  34. Katarzyna Szyżkowska and Sebastian Walter – girl 7 and boy 2 years (Polland)
  35. Mariann Hansen – girls 13 and 5 years taken,can se 13 years old girls 4times a year for 4houers and 5 years old girls only two times a year 3 houers (Norway)
  36. Lisbeth Maria Hurlen – two girls 6 and 13 years, taken in october 2014, now back with mother(Norway)
  37. May Angelica Lund Nikolaisen – son, taken after birth, meetings 8 hours in year (Norway)
  38. Gražina Lesčinskienė – son 8 years, cannot see him never more (Lithuania)

 Best Regards

Jordanka Jirásková                                                                  Tomáš Zdechovský

Responsible persons:

Jordanka Jirásková                                                                  Tomáš Zdechovský

tel.: 00420777286331                                                             tel.:00420774888300

email: jordanita@seznam.cz                                                    tomas.zdechovsky@ep.europa.eu